Welcome to Majorca

Very Sad News

Sunday, Oct.1st 2017 Gabriele passed away in peace.

There are no words to express my pain and my sorrow.

She was so xtraordinary and I miss her from the bottom of my heart...

Robert (her husband)


I shall keep you informed how things are going on.

One thing is for sure: it's going on...

EFT and more at Majorca

Robert & Gabriele Rother

Robert & Gabriele Rother

On this beautiful island Majorca we - Robert & Gabriele Rother - have a nice little finca in a rural area.

We are counselors and therapists, we love to share our knowledge and experience.

How can you regain your natural strenght, joy and health?

We offer different possibilities for you:

7 days at Majorca

EFT Majorca Workshop

Transformation Intensive

All these offers are very special - we like courses and workshops with special people - we love to work in a personally and open way. Our motto is: visiting friends and get a repectful, effectice and caring support for your personal growth!

If you like to want more, please send us a mail: eft (at) freenet.de or give us a call: +49 172 2432020